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The Humboldt Business Challenge is a catalyst for discovering talented and aspiring entrepreneurs, vetting their ideas, and connecting them with the people and resources needed for them to flourish in Humboldt County. We believe entrepreneurs are vital to Humboldt County’s prosperity and economic development. We provide incentives to promising entrepreneurs in cash awards, in-kind prizes and meaningful recognition.

Major Partners



Humboldt Business Challenge strives to utilize the best assets of our community.  We strive to collaborate and partner with a number of Education, Private Sector and Government organizations.

In preparation, competitors are encouraged to utilize the resources of the North Coast SBDC and the small business classes at College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University.  Our education liasons are Chris Gaines and Nancy Vizenor. 





The next competition cycle is scheduled for Spring of 2016 to run from February to June.

We will kick-off the competition late January, 2016.  In the meantime, please research business model canvasses and business plan templates.  It also helps to register and complete The North Coast SBDC's Basics of Business workshops.

Beyond the competition



The end goal of the competition is to support stronger local businesses that are active in Humboldt County.  We encourage former competitors to become active business owners by joining their local Chamber of Commerce, Humboldt Made and other professional organizations.  The end-goal is to build a vibrant community of former HBC competitors.

Our Sponsors

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The HBC provide incentives to promising entrepreneurs in cash awards, in-kind prizes, and meaningful recognition.