Workshop Materials

Dashboards # 1 with Ron Gilliland

For this training Ron gave an overview of what a dashboard is and how it can help your business thrive.  This is the powerpoint deck used in the presentation:  Dashboard Training # 1.

Business Planning Resources

Business Plan Workbook is a comprehensive guide that follows the requirements for the Stage 2 entry with the business plan.  This workbook is provided by the Business & Entrepreneurhsip Center, Youth Entrepreneurship Program, Napa Valley College.  With partnership from the California SBDC.

Value Proposition Worksheet can help you visually build a compelling and clear proposition.

Starting from a canvas can help shape your business.  This Lean Canvas is a good tool along with the how-to guide.

The North Coast SBDC's resources page is a must-bookmark for all entrepreneurs and start-ups.  Detailed help with Stilson's Financial Resources, wage estimates and more (oh my!).

Elevator Pitch Resources

An entrepreneur is constantly telling and selling their story. An Elevator Pitch is a short pitch that describes their business or product to an audience with the goal of their wanting to learn more.

Basic Framework for an Elevator Pitch:

      • Why – there is a problem
      • What – the listener must do about it
      • How – you’ve solved the problem

What’s in it for the Audience? Leave Them Wanting MORE

Here are some resources to help you plan for your Elevator Pitch

How to Make Your Story Compelling is a great resource to help organize your thoughts and put your most important, most relatable information in words.

Pitching and Presenting workshop helps with presentations including the Elevator Pitch.

The Elevator Pitch Creation Tool and Mad Lib Positing Statement are Word templates to help put your thoughts to paper.

General Pitch Information

Sometimes, you'll need to give a longer presentation, or tell a little more about your company.  Both of the following references are good sources.  Here is an article from the USC Annenburg: How to Build a Successful Pitch.  On the same note, the following is an infograph (also from USC Annenburg) that gives good information in quick bites:  Elements of a Successful Creative Pitch. Thank you to Mykael Ray for passing along these links.


Are you ready to build a better Humboldt?

The HBC provide incentives to promising entrepreneurs in cash awards, in-kind prizes, and meaningful recognition.